5-Day Training Workshop on “Humanistic Beliefs and Practices of Sufism to counter” – Hyderabad 18 – 22nd January 2016

‪‎Spiritual Pakistan: Qalandar – Democracy Peace, Sufism
Hazrat Shaikh Muhammad Tahir
Sa’ain Jhoolay Lal, Udhero Lal

Package By Participants of Workshop (Hyderabad)

‪‎Five‬-‪day‬ ‪‎Electronic‬ ‪‎Media‬ ‪‎Course‬ on
Arranged by ‪‎Women‬ Media ‪‎Center‬ (‪‎WMC‬), Pakistan
Supported by National Endowment for Democracy (‪‎NED‬), ‪‎USA‬
18 – 22 January, 2016 at Indus Hotel, Hyderabad

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