Standing up against child marriage : Swat girl Hadiqa Bashir wins

Hadiqa Bashir

Hadiqa Bashir, 14-year old girl from KPK wins an International award for her devotion towards discouraging child marriages.

Women Media Center congratulates the courageous 14-year old Hadiqa Bashir from KPK for winning an international award against her efforts to against child marriages.Muhammad Ali Humanitarian award was presented to Hadiqa Bashir in Kentucky, United States. Individuals struggling for social justice, peace and other moves referring human or social issues comprised the audience of the honorable celebration. Her endeavor was to take a stand against child marriages.She holds pride in devoting her missions of life in advocating young girl’s rights and against unwilling child marriages in Pakistan. Her move tends to bring a change in Pakistani society and break the stereotypes that are embedded in our culture. On the occasion her overwhelmed father said “It is a unique juncture in my life. It is a great occasion as my daughter has become the first-ever teenager, Asian in general and Pakistani in particular, to have received the prestigious award.”The Muhammad Ali Centre was co-founded by legendry boxer Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie in thetown of Louisville. This international body serves six key principles– Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect and Spirituality. This signifies the enhancement and development of personalities and global potency encompassing spheres of education, gender equity and global citizenship.

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