Election Reporting

Election is an important tool for bringing about peaceful changes in any society and political stability especially in the country like Pakistan which is facing many challenges including a weak electoral framework and management. The youth is a major factor in the upcoming elections in Pakistan as a large number of youth who were previously not in the voter lists has been added now. Thus, there is a dire need to create awareness about elections in youth particularly women.

Realizing the need of the hour, WMC finds it’s imperative to train women journalists about election reporting as the country gears up for election year. The training course aimed to strengthen female journalists’ understanding of election observation mechanisms and transparency of elections processes as well as requisites of election reporting. A Fourteen-days electronic media training workshop on “ Election Reporting” was held at Women Media Center, Karachi from 19th of September till 2nd October 2012.

The participants of the workshop were given a comprehensive training by the expert trainers to ensure objective reporting of elections and how to monitor electoral process in Pakistan. They were sent for reporting on different subjects related to elections as different groups along with expert trainers. News packages were made by the trainees on election related topics. They expressed that through this practical exercise their confidence and skills has been increased. Participants of the workshop stated that WMC’s election reporting training has played an essential role in enhancing their understanding of basics characteristics of democratic election process and peaceful transfer of power.

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