Female ASI Saima Sharif selected for UN Peacekeeping Mission

Saima Sharif share the ranks of police officer from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa selected for UN peacekeeping team in Sudan after successfully qualifying the exam.

Saima Sharif became part of KP police in 2007 after her brother Moeen Khan who was a police constable and embraced martyrdom in a suicide attack.

She applied for the UN mission exam and qualified. Saima Sharif said she would carry forward the legacy and mission of her brother.

I have a strong desire to embrace martyrdom like my brother, said Saima.

This is not the first time a female police officer from KP has been selected for the UN peacekeeping mission.

Earlier this year in March, Gul Nisa, a commando serving in the KP Police, was chosen for UN peacekeeping duty as well.

Pakistani soldiers have been contributing to the UN efforts of promoting and maintaining peace since 1960.

Pakistani female peacekeepers have always played a key role in safeguarding peace in lawless regions of the African continent. The UN recognized the efforts of the Pakistani female soldiers deployed in Congo in February.

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