Muslim girl breaks stereotype by demanding one of a kind ‘Meher’ from Husband

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A Muslim girl, residing from Indian state of Kerala broke the conventional norms of society by asking for books as ‘Meher’ in her marriage. The groom agreed and the girl’s photo with the books has since been ruling over the social media.

When Ajna Nizam got engaged, she made a rather unusual demand by asking for 80 books as meher. The soon to be groom, Ijas Hakkim not only agreed to the demand but he also added 20 more books and presented to her 100 books on their wedding day, December 29.

‘Meher’ is a tradition in which brides usually demand money, jewellery, house or other valuables from the groom. It is considered as the right of a woman and she can demand anything. The groom is bond to fulfill the demand of the bride.

Like many other cases Ajna was discouraged by her friends and relatives for making such demand, however, her in-laws fully supported her.

In the photo, Ajna can be seen surrounded by array of books, which include the Bible, Quran, Gita and the Indian Constitution.

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