Rawalpindi: Journalist taken into custody for allegedly killing wife

A journalist working for a private TV channel on Wednesday was taken into custody for allegedly killing his wife in Rawalpindi’s Yousuf Colony.

According to the FIR registered at Airport Police Station by the victim’s sister, the incident occurred on June 29.

The complaint lodged against the journalist stated that the suspect, identified as Ali Salman Alvi, called deceased’s sister at 2pm claiming that the his wife, identified as Sadaf Zahra has committed suicide by hanging herself.

Adding to this, Zahra’s sister said that after hearing the news she rushed to their home, along with her husband and mother. Where they found the suspect standing at the main door while the rest of the doors had been locked from the inside.

She added that the suspect then led them to their room where they found Zahra’s body hanging from the ceiling fan by a bed sheet tied around her neck and a ladder lying close by.

History of alleged domestic abuse:

The victim’s sister alleged that the suspect had physically attacked her sister on multiple occasions, despite being warned repeatedly. She urged the police to investigate the incident.

Speaking to Dawn.com, Airport Police Station SHO Jawad Shah said the accused was arrested under Section 302 (murder or Qatl-i-Amd) of the Pakistan Penal Code the same day the incident occurred. He added that the accused was currently in police custody on physical remand.

To assure if the deceased was a victim of domestic violence autopsy report is still awaited, he added.

The incident was highlighted on social media on Wednesday as citizens demanded justice for the victim, who had previously spoken up about domestic violence on Twitter.

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