Selena Khawaja-The Mountain Princess

Selena Khawaja-The Mountain Princess. She is just 9-year-old & she has become the youngest to scale 5,765 M high Quz Sar Peak. And she not going to stop at that, as fr the next year she has set her eyes on the 8,848 M high Mount Everest.

Her proud father, Khawaja Yousuf said his little princess started climbing at the age of eight and within one year, in 2018, she was able to climb the Miranjani Mountain that is 3,000m high in half the time.

Selena Khwaja said she aspires to summit mount Everest one day and we are sure she’s gonna do it. At the young age of 10, she holds the world record for climbing up a 5,000 and 6,000-meter high peaks, these include Mangli Sar and Quz Sar Peaks. Nobody has ever done that at such a tender age!selena

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