Shahida Abbasi gives Pakistan the first gold medal in the South Asian Games

Pakistan won the first gold medal in the 13th South Asian Games thanks to Shahida Abbasi’s outstanding performance.

Shahid Abbasi raised the nation proudly by winning the gold medal in the Karate competitions and easily
won the match against Nepali rivals by a score of 25-42.
Shahida started learning Karate almost 12 years ago, owing it primarily to her dedication and hard work. Abbasi won 11 national and international medals for both the club and the country; a feature that makes her a cut above the rest.

Shahida belongs to the Hazara community in Balochistan; coming from a background which lacks facilities and is traditionally dominated by males, it was not easy for Shahida to achieve her goal.

Through her hard work, she has not made just her parents but the entire country proud.


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