The handful brave female journalist of Pakistan reporting in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world by storm. Fear and uncertainty has made its mark on humanity.

Most parts and most business in the world are under lock-down to control the outbreak of coronavirus. Journalist along with paramilitary forces and doctors are fighting on the fore front.

Also, they have limited access to events, officials and information.

We have seen many male journalist performing their duties in this dangerous pandemic.

But there is no denying the bravery of female reporters of our society who are performing their duties at their profession’s behest.

There are some notable female reporters from Pakistan who are performing their duties with great dedication.

This brave soul is Mona Siddique, working as a front line reporter for Neo Tv.

Similarly this is Fahmida Yousfi, working for one of the leading media outlets of country, GEO News.

And this sister here is Fauzia Kalsoom Rana from Radio Pakistan, Islamabad.

We salute these ladies for working in such a dangerous environment.

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