Ethnic and Sectarian Conflicts-Media’s Role in Peace Building

Pakistani society has been weighed down by the ethnic violence and sectarian conflicts. Killings of innocent people due to ethnic and sectarian differences have now become a routine affair. It is not only undermining societal coherence but also causing political and economical instability in Pakistan. Keeping in view the deteriorated law and order situation in Pakistan, Women Media Center (WMC) organized a Ten-day training course on “Ethnic and Sectarian Conflicts – Media’s Role in Peace Building” on 24thof April till 4 May 2012 at Women Media Center (WMC) premises, Karachi.

The core objective of the training course was to address the issue of prevailing extremism in Pakistan and to educate and train women journalists and media students as how being media persons they can build up peace in the society.

Media, which voices the masses and helps to fortify point of views on critical issues, can play a major role in hampering this extremist tendency in Pakistan. During this workshop many women journalists were trained to contravene the effect of extremism. They were trained to develop news packages to tone down extremism.

At the showcase ceremony held at Regent Plaza Hotel, chief guest Qazi Shahid Pervaiz, Sindh Information Secretary, evaluated the news packages made by the participants of the workshop, applauded their efforts and distributed the certificates among them.

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