Strengthening Democracy – Promoting Culture of Tolerance and Diversity

The situation of Gilgit is very saddening and simultaneously frightening. It is an instrumental area to many of our economic and political concerns where sectarian hatred, violence and lack of tolerance exist these days. Media can play a vital role in promoting tolerance and peace among people belongs to diverse sects and ethnic backgrounds but unfortunately media in our society lag behind in endorsing messages and strategies that lead to peaceful environment, tolerant behavior and diversity. Thus, WMC figure out it’s imperative to educate journalism students in this regard.

Women Media Center, therefore organized a Four-Day Electronic Media Workshop on Strengthening Democracy promoting Culture of Tolerance and Diversity at KaraKoram International University Gilgit, Baltistan from 18th to 21st May 2012.

The core aim was to strengthen democracy and promote the culture of tolerance and diversity. Participants were trained to use media as a tool in building up the tolerant environment.

Fauzia Shaheen, the Executive Director of Women Media Center said, “The main objective of organizing this workshop is that the students of KaraKoram University should get aware of new media along with the usage of news elements.’’

Mr. Nazir Legari, Member of Editorial Committee of Geo News discussed the cultural aspects of Gilgit-Baltistan and emphasized that it is high time that the political and constitutional identity of Gilgit–Baltistan should be cleared.

In the showcase ceremony the chief guest Najma Najam Vice Chancellor of KaraKoram University presented certificates to the participants.

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