Showcase Ceremony of Ten Day Electronic Media Training Course


“Sufism itself is a great force to conquer anything. Islam was spread through Sufism, which is a message of Peace and Tolerance, said Mr. Abdul Haleem Shaikh, Director General , Information Department; Government of Sindh at a showcase and certificate distribution ceremony held at Women Media Center, Pakistan for a successful course of Ten-days training was conducted by Women Media Center, Pakistan from August 29, 2015 to September 7, 2015, supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Washington DC, USA. He further said it was a delight to see so much talent and confidence in women and would only suggest to be positive and tolerant at all levels of life said. The theme focused on Human Rights and Democratic Values in Mysticism. The aim of the workshop was to promote peace, tolerance and pluralism which were combined with women empowerment in Sufi Mysticism.


“A lot of potential I witnessed in these young women, and all have made great efforts. I would ask my DG to coordinate with WMC for collaboration”, said Mr. Yousuf Kabooro, Director of Information, Government of Sindh, Karachi.


“It is important to know about the Sufi traditions in Sindh along with democratic and secular values attached to those traditions; the lessons should be leant from seven heroines of Sufis in displaying strength, courage and resilience. They served to be the models for democratic values”, said Dr. Ghazala Rahman Rafiq, Director Sindh Abhyas Academy, SZABIST. She further compared modern feminism with women’s rights back in the days of Sufi Mystics.


A group of 30 female participants from various universities and media houses were trained on the theoretical and technical aspects of preparing a news package. “Pakistan is going through a new era, Parliament being the supreme is still facing challenges. Currently many questions arose, and if all the institutions function and run state affairs according to the constitution, then we can strengthen democracy” said Ms. Fauzia Shaheen, Executive Director, Women Media Center, Pakistan. Also she gave an insight of the training course that values of human rights and democracy relates to Sufism in all aspects. In sessions the topics of Sufi Legacy and Democratic Values, and Sufi Struggle for the Rights of Women were discussed. Mr. Fareed Raess said “The journalism value in Pakistan needs to be improved at all levels”. “Women are breaking stereotypes and rushing in the field of journalism which shows the development of the country, said Ms. SheharBano. Also she talked about women are very serious towards their profession and devoted, performing their jobs honestly and therefore it is not easy to bribe them”.


WMC gained further recognition in promoting peace, tolerance and pluralism. 7, September 2015 marked the end of the 10 day electronic media training course. Participants were skilled and came out confident by the end of the workshop, and had a wide exposure on the subject of how women journalists can keenly report and promote parameters of promoting peace, tolerance and pluralism and were more determined to pursue the field of journalism. According to them, the workshop went beyond their expectations of learning and experience and they hoped to attend future workshops and training courses by WMC.

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