Climate change in Middle East

Ainum Baig

As we all know that climate change has become one of the most dangerous issues of the world. The term climate change means that the climate of this world is changing continuously hence causing harmful effects.

Whole world is suffering from this issue, so is the middle Eastern countries. Middle East including gulf countries are causing dreadful impact. We need to understand the problem and causes behind it. According to scientists, burning of fossil fuels, garbage, energy emissions and slaughter of animals (causes release of methane) results in climate change and add up to its harmful effects. Emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) is also a main cause.

The climate change results in increased frequency of extreme weather, continuously rise in temperature causes glaciers to melt, low rainfall, fire in the forests. Sea level expand as climate changes and become hotter. In Labanan, the snow covered parts of mountains are melting day by day. Dust storms are increasing and there is a noticeable decline in rainfall.

Recently Beirut blast and emission of NO2 ( nitrogen dioxide) badly effect the climate. In Saudi Arabia, monsoon decreases and coastal flooding increase due to rise in sea level. In Syria, drought condition occurs in most of the areas. Agriculture is highly effected due to civil war. It may result in water resources, human health and coastal zones.

According to research, In middle East 2°C temperature in summer has increased in the last ten years approximately which is higher than normal. If the condition remain same then by the end of 2050 temperature in summer will be increase by 46°C ( which lasts for 80 days in a year) and by the end of 2099, temperature will be increase by 50°C (which lasts for 118 days in a year). Gulf countries, only in few years emitted 3.2 billion tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and produced 8.7% of global green house emission. These emissions are mostly from energy sector, extensive oil and natural gas reserves that are found in the region.

Oil industries in gulf countries are one of the main cause of climate change as combustion of oil emitted carbon and carbon is harmful for beings. National oil companies are funding, research into capturing carbon from the atmosphere, pushing for tighter limits on other green house gases and reducing the carbon footprint of their carbon by boosting energy efficiency and emissions control in the oil fields as the demand for protochemicals is increasing day by day as
compared to fuel and it’s non combustion use for crude. It is a feedstock where the carbon is locked in the product. The Saudi Arabia are going to be the early victims of climate change, Jim Krane at Rice university’s Baker Institute said, “Energy kingdoms, oil and political survival in the Persian gulf.”

Hence climate change is a serious issue of today’s world. We have to take serious measures otherwise our only planet “ MOTHER EARTH” will be no longer.

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