Election Reporting-Multan

The elected parliament of Pakistan is about to complete its tenure. In this year 2013, the expected year for election the current parliament is responsible to ensure free and fair election.

On the other hand we have a strong media that will guarantee to act as a watchdog. Media is responsible for portraying the facts as they are. Citizen of Pakistan has to be informed about all the details related to this fundamental event.

Women Media Center in such time of need has organized a training workshop in which female journalists and students learned and were trained as how to make news packages and documentary production during pre and post election phases. The workshop began on 11 December 2012 and lasted for six days and came to an end on 17 December 2012 at Hotel Space Inn, Multan. This workshop was held in collaboration with National Endowment For Democracy (NED) Washington D.C, USA.

In addition to this, renowned speakers graced the workshop. Dr Khuwaja Alqama Vice-Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya University said, “ The media has its importance and no one can ignore this.” He added more by saying “ Media in Pakistan is the main inspiring force in putting together public opinion and Pakistani journalists has always condemn whenever something had gone wrong”. He appreciated that Women Media Center has provided an opportunity to bring different departments of university on a single platform.

Mass Communication department, Chairman, Dr Ashraf Khan said, “Media is responsible for encouraging the youth to become responsible”. He said, “Along with Mass communication social sciences are also important and should be studies together for better understanding”.

Well-known trainer of Women Media Center, Qazi Asif said, “Media plays an essential role in building public opinion to hold up democracy and human rights in the country”. He believes “ Both print and electronic media put forward democracy and democratic value in this world of information and globalization”.

In the showcase ceremony Dr khuwaja Alqama, Vice-Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya University and Dr Ashraf , Chairman of Department of Mass Communication, Bahauddin Zakariya University distributed certificates among the participants.

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