EXCLUSIVE — Women family members of culprits “giving threats” to parents of Kasur victims to withdraw cases: sources


KASUR: Much has been reported and published about the country’s largest child abuse scandal in Kasur unearthed couple of days, but a man who dwells in the village haunted by a group of merciless pedophiles has dismissed government claims linking the issue with land dispute.

In an exclusive telephonic conversation with Arynews.tv, the villager said the menace of child abuse is not a new phenomenon for Kasur denizens. “It is something that had once become an order of the day, but it could not get due media attention as protests against such incidents were not violent to draw media interest.”
Since the issue is broken in the media with in-depth details of leaked footages featuring victim children and assault against them, it is now being discussed everywhere, he underlined.

He said of the 15 culprits, five of them are government officials including a dismissed police officer. Rest of the four are health department officials and a stenographer.
He informed that two of the bailed culprits, are having their bailed expired tomorrow (Monday).
“I can safely declare with my direct information that the other miscreants –who police claim to have fled the village – are still in the village. I am not doubtful that the police are protecting them, he claimed.
As claimed by the Punjab Law Minister Rana Sananullah that the issue is land dispute, he hit back at the government for hiding its own negligence with baseless claims. “It’s not at all a land issue.”
“First of all, the land which government claims is spread to 19 acres, is actually 12-acre which is located near near BRB canal in Kasur. Second the groups – Zafar group and Sherazi group – are actually partners and confronting against the third party to claim the land piece.”
He said parents of the victims had been protesting in the past outside Punjab Assembly and other parts of Kasur, but they were not provided with justice despite repeated appeals.

Influence and threats:

Another source privy to the matter said the women family members of the culprits are visiting families of child victims and trying to convince them to withdraw the case.
It is also learnt that women also gave threats to victims’ families to either withdraw the case or face consequences. However, the reports could not be confirmed from official sources.
(Courtesy by ARY)

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