Two women were killed in separate incidents in Mattani and Mathra on Tuesday. In the first incident, a 22-year-old girl was found dead in a drain in Jani Garhi, Mattani. The victim had been shot and then dumped.

After being alerted about the discovery of the body, the Mattani police shifted it to the police station. However, the identity of the woman was not ascertained till the filing of this report.

“The victim is a young woman who may have been a resident, given her appearance,” stipulated a police official. “We are trying our best to establish her identity.”

Similarly, an 18-year-old girl identified as Nargis, a resident of Chagarmatti, was gunned down by unidentified men. The motive behind the murder is not clear – the Mathra police said the attackers opened fire at the girl from a car, killing her on the spot.

“We do not know the motive yet, but we are investigating the matter and an FIR has been registered,” said a Mathra police official.

Two members of a gang were shot and injured in Budhnai village, in the jurisdiction of the Chamkani police station.

The 24-strong gang reportedly entered a house belonging to Arbab Haroon – a cousin of MPA Arbab Jehandad and former minister for agriculture Arbab Auyab Jan.

The assailants overpowered both watchmen, Ayaz and Khaista Gul, and were searching for valuables when the residents of the house awoke. They opened fire at the home invaders, injuring two in the process.

The gang fled with their wounded. Later, during a search operation, the police found one of the injured men unconscious, a kilometre away from Arbab Haroon’s residence.

(Courtesy By Express Tribune)


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