Journalist Hamid Mir ‘taken off air’ after public outcry

Prominent Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has been taken off the air just days after he spoke out against the country’s establishment at a protest against an attack on another journalist Asad Toor.

According to reports, Mr Mir he had been informed that he will not be hosting “Capital Talk” on Geo News from Monday evening.

Talking to Al-Jazeer Tv Mir quoted, “I’ve only been told by Geo management that I won’t be hosting the show,”

“They said there is a lot of pressure [after the statements at the protest last week]. They did not say who it is coming from.”

Prior to this week, independent Pakistani journalist Asad Ali Toor, known for his critical coverage of the country’s government and military, was physically attacked in his Islamabad home by three unidentified men, who beat him up and warned him about his work.

In his speech at the protest against the attack in Islamabad on Friday, Mir had threatened to identify those responsible for a spate of recent attacks on journalists in Pakistan. He used several terms implying the involvement of the Pakistani military.

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