Sahib-e-Asra: Pakistan’s fastest female athlete is a proud daughter of an imam (scholar)

She is Pakistan’s fastest female athlete and is a proud daughter of an imam (scholar).She not only making her parents proud, in fact, the whole nation too. Her middle-class background didn’t become an obstacle between her dreams. Other than her talent and desire she also had the support of her family and especially the support of her father Qari Alam Khan who is an Imam in a Masjid who didn’t bother about people views and supported her daughter at each and every step of her life.
In November 2018 the fastest athlete player Sahib e Asra won the Gold Medal in 100m along with Uzair Rehman for covering the distance with in few seconds On the opening day of National Athletics Championship at the Jinnah Stadium. There were many other athletes who also participated and won different medals.After winning a number of gold medals Asra has become the fastest runner of Pakistan breaking all the stereotypes. In a viral video, she stated that “I started my running career from a government school and competed at district, division, and provincial level,” She further added that “I have given best times in running in Pakistan after ten years,”

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