The 34-year-old Sanna Marin becomes the world’s youngest serving Prime minister

Sanna Marin becomes the world’s youngest currently-serving prime minister, Finland’s youngest-ever prime minister and Finland’s third female prime minister.


Marin was born in Helsinki and lived in Espoo and Pirkkala before moving to Tampere. She graduated from the University of Tampere with a Master of Administrative Sciences in 2017.

In 2012, she was elected to the City Council of Tampere. She was the chairperson of the City Council from 2013 to 2017. In 2017, she was re-elected to the City Council. She is also a member of the Assembly of the Council of Tampere Region.

Marin was elected second deputy chairperson of the Social Democratic Party in 2014.In 2015, she was elected to the Parliament of Finland from the electoral district of Pirkanmaa. Four years later, she was reelected.On 6 June 2019 she became the Minister of Transport and Communications.

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