Women Media Center Pakistan has arranged a four day training workshop funded by the UNESCO’s International Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC) in Hyderabad at Training Resource Center to enhance the skills of print and electronic female journalists & students of Sindh University, Jamshoro from 4th till 7th June 2013. Workshop began with the introduction of IPDC’s project that it is an organization acting as UNESCO’s partner in implementing the workshop.  The communication officer of WMC Saba Zafar explained to the participants that IPDC is the only multilateral forum in the UN system designed to mobilize the international community to discuss and promote media development in developing countries. The program not only provides support for media projects but also seeks an accord to secure a healthy environment for the growth of free and pluralistic media in development countries. Women Media Center and participants were told how WMC has been working to achieve its goals for training female journalists since 7 years.
In this four -day workshop the Head of Express News Hyderabad Mr. Juniad Khanzada , Ibrat News, Mr. J. Parkash Maryanne were the Chief Guest .Senior Reporter of Geo News Mr. Hamid Sheikh and News producer Muniba Gull of DM satellite, Senior Reporter Mr. Qazi Asif, Waqt News ,Senior Producer and Cameraman Farooq Ahmed trained the participants
The session of the training initiated as Geo- News’s Senior Reporter Mr. Hamid Shiekh gave  lecture on what is News and how to report news on television. How important footage is to report any News. Every professional reporter must do thorough investigation before airing the news. He also shed some light on the difference between theoretical and practical Journalism.
Master trainer Muniba Gull, News Producer of DM Satellite Channel began her session with a presentation. She gave detailed information and lecture on kinds of news bulletin its style and standard. After News making and its kinds what potentials and capabilities should an anchor have to air it. Anchors should always be prepared for any kind of emergency situations that how to handle any breaking news can occur anytime. She said that producers sometimes put pressure on the anchors as to deal with the situation as you are not provided with all the details of the news. In these cases participants were told that they could take on live calls. In this regard general knowledge plays a key role. This is the quality of a news anchor that he/she do not let the viewers know that something is wrong behind the camera. Anchors are supposed to have a clear and profound accent and fluency in the language. The session ended following lunch.
First session of the second day began with the training of script writing and basics for making the package & News by senior producer Qazi Asif of Waqt News.  Participants were told how news from print media is transformed for the electronic media and how important it is for the anchor to be a journalist. He taught how to make news. An ideal package is of approximately 1-2 minute. In which 2 to 3 Sots are included.
Second session was taken by Rauf Chandio of Mehran TV. He threw light on the structure of the news channel and on what basis news anchors are selected. He told the importance of the presentable personality of the anchor but it is not the only criteria on which the anchor is selected but they have to be educated, aware and knowledgeable. It is very important that they have command over the current affairs and General knowledge.
In the third session, AP South Asia Senior Producer and Cameraman Farooq Ahmed explained details of camera handling and let the participants do the practical work independently. He told that how should anchor person face the camera and what angles should camera be fixed at. Later participants were given chance to do anchoring individually. Along with this participants were taught about the outdoor shooting.
Third day participants were divided in to two groups. One group was given the topic of intensity of heat in summer and other was given the topic of strike of 7th June 2013 to make packages of. Participants took shots in the field and had opinion of Ali Hasan correspondent of BBC Hyderabad.
The last day of the workshop was concluded by participants of honored guests. The News bulletin produced was showcased. Hamid ur Rehman, Aaj Tv, Junaid Khanzada, Express News, J. Parkash, Editor, Ibrat Akhbar, Hamid Sheikh, Geo News and Muniba Gul, News Producer of DM viewed the packages and appreciated the participants for their efforts in making an outstanding package in four day training workshop. Panel session began in which participants asked questions from the guests.
Participants were then given certificates and feedback from the guests. The combined efforts of Women Media Center and IPDC were much praised for their struggle and how they are serving to be the encouraging platform for women journalists.

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