Press Release (Lahore Workshop 04-08 Feburary 2021)

Press Release LAHORE (Staff Reporter): “The PTI leadership talks about every issue in the media. The Prime Minister has given many interviews on freedom of press but freedom of expression should not be misused.” this was stated by Minister for Minority Affairs and Human Rights Ejaz Alam while addressing the certificate distribution ceremony of a five-day electronic media workshop in Lahore.

This workshop was organized by Women Media Center, Pakistan in collaboration with Common Wealth Journalists Association (CJA) supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The topic of workshop was “Freedom of Expression, Information and Elections.”

Minister for Minority Affairs Ejaz Alam further said that he has taken better steps on the suggestions of his journalist friends as they have eyes on every section of the society. Freedom of expression is sometimes used negatively.

While appreciating the efforts done by Women Media Center, Pakistan Mr. Alam stated that this is new to him that an institution is training media and journalism students. Today, social and digital media is booming.

“Women Media Center, Pakistan is a great forum for empowering women in media”, said Minister Alam.

He said that the government’s move on the Senate elections is an important step towards transparency and democracy.

Senior journalist and analyst Saleem Bukhari said that the 50-year-old era of journalism has been restricted in one form or another, this process exists not only in Pakistan but also in the developed countries of the world.

Mr. Bukhari further stated that it is important to enlighten the new generation about the historical facts, democratic practices and obstacles.

He also said that the government’s take on Senate elections shows its concern because several changes were made and then the ordinance was brought in, but still they should keep it in my mind that if the judiciary rejects it, there will be a crisis.

Leading anchor Salman Hassan of GNN briefed the participants on freedom of expression and his experiences in media. He said that students need to be aware of practical journalism.

The five-day electronic media workshop was attended by female journalist and media students from various universities in Lahore.

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